What kind of guides will I have?


Letting guests explore Japan's best kept secret, getting to know new people and letting guests create travel experiences like no other are the beliefs embodied by Tomodachi Guide's guides.

Guides may achieve guests' needs. Even though Tomodachi Guide's guides are not professional guides, they really know local spots, activities and these kinds of things. Guides tell you what they know very well, where they want to take you and what kinds of activities they offer on their profile pages and draft plans. Firstly, you check those pages and then choose your favorite guide. Then, you start preliminary consultation for planning your original trip in Japan with your favorite guide. During preliminary consultation, you need to check what guides can and cannot do. After getting to know each other, plan your very own trip for Japan. The great trip with "At long last, we meet" on the trip day will wait for you.

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