Why can't a guest use their credit card?


There are several cases where guests can not reserve a trip even after the guide sent an "offer". In the event that it happens, please check your account and refer to this article as it may be the result of the following:

1. Your ID is not fully authenticated.
Our site requires you to fully authenticate your ID before making a tour reservation. You will have to submit an official identification that we will review within 2-3 business days. It is during this period, your identification status will become "Pre-Confirmed", in which you will be able to continue both of your reservation and payment process. Please refer to href="https://huber-japan.com/en/help/425">How do I get my ID confirmed? for more information.

2. Required information for your profile has not been submitted.
When writing your profiles, there some compulsory fields that you have to fill in. Make sure that the fields marked with "*" are properly filled with the items required. Without completing the previous fields you will not be able to reserve a tour. Please refer to How do I enter my basic information? for How do I enter my basic information?

3. Either, something is wrong with your PayPal account or you simply do not have one.
Currently, all transactions are carried out using solely PayPal, for that reason a PayPal account is required to make a reservation. Once you "Confirm" an offer, a PayPal page will be launched. For those with an account, you can immediately log in. On the contrary, for those without an account, you can create one by selecting "Create and Account". Register your credit card and contact's information. Setup a password and by doing so your account is officially complete. Please make sure that all information registered are valid and up-to-date.

4. You do not have a credit card.
While some guides may settle on cash payment, TOMODACHI GUIDE is strictly operating under credit-card payment. Unfortunately, without a credit card you will not be able to reserve a tour or use our service to its fullest.

5. You cannot use your credit card.
In any case where you cannot use your credit card, check it with your credit company. Alternatively, simply find out whether it has reached its expiration date or exceeded its amount.

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