How do we decide the fee?


The flow of decision making on prices depends on a entirely on the conversation between guests and guides.
Long story short, price is highly dependent on your consultation with a guests
First of all, all interactions are unique to each guide as this form of communication is highly connected to their personalities. This is another reason why TOMODACHI GUIDE is such a unique platform in the first place. Honestly, there is no right answer as to what is the best way to do a preeliminary consultation.
The method we would like to introduced here is just a recommendation made by us. You are not in any way obligated to follow these method, simply find a way that suits you bests.

[Decide travel expenses]
In preliminary consultation, you check tne expense of a trip after making sure you can continue consulting.
It is all up to you when you make sure expense they need. However, it must be decided with no discrepancy with guests. You are likely to have troubles if you set up expense without consulting well with guests. There are many things you need to make sure about money like how its breakdown is, what is included in it and what guests need to pay on the appointed day.

For example, suppose that a day's hiking tour in Kamakura. In the tour, we will go hiking, go around some temples, have lunch and go to Enoshima at the end.
The cost incurred on this tour is
1. Guest side
Travel expenses for the appointed day, entrance fees to the temples, a meal fee, a guide fee, an insurance fee
2. Guide side
Travel expenses for the appointed day, entrance fees to the temples, a meal fee
Since the transportation fare to the meeting place on the guide side is already included in the guide fee, it is not mentioned above. What guests pay depends on guides and also consultation. In this case, suppose that they decide to order lunch they indivisually want. As a result, the cost to be paid by the guest is as follows.
1. Not included in expenses
Guides' meal fees
2. Included in expense
Guides' and guests' travel fees, guides' and guests' admission fees for temples, a guide fee, an insurance fee.
Next, you will decide what to include in the preliminary payment. It is also up to the individual guides. For example, guests pay the transportation fee ahead of time, then on the day of the trip, the guide will pay for both, the guest and the guides' fare. Alternatively, the guest can pay for the guides' portion of the fare on the day of trip.
TOMODACHI GUIDE recommends that everything be collected and paid for in advance. On the day of the trip, the guest can pay for abrupt purchases such as lunch and souveniers. They will not have to pay for any sudden fees. By doing "cash-less, cash first," there will be less money troubles on the day of the trip. This will put both the guests and guides at ease.

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