What are some points to remember for a guide?


When you travel using TOMODACHI GUIDE's service, you can meet wonderful foreigners and interact with other members of the TOMODACHI GUIDE community.
In order for guides and guests to enjoy traveling utmost, caring for guests is indispensable. Here are some tips.

[Before guest book a trip]
In the self-introduction field on the profile page, show yourself as a guide and complete ID confirmation. As guests want to know more about guides, you can have your consultation come to an agreement more smoothly if your profile is complete and thorough.
Journeys born in TOMODACHI GUIDE are diverse. That is why you should ask guests what they want to do, tell them various information, and also check that the guests meet your needs.
Take the time to interact with guests and make the best trip. If there is something you do not understand about a trip, do not hesitate to ask them.

[Just before travel]
If you have rules or special needs that you want guests to follow, please tell them clearly. Whenever you are likely to be late for the meeting due to some circumstance, please make sure to tell your guests.

[During a trip]
Be punctual and strictly follow the rules agreed with the guests. If you notice something, feel free to tell them. An unexpected encounter on the road is also a real interest of traveling. Enjoy a friendly-style trip with guests without being tied down.

[After travel]
For those who will guide more guests in the future, please write an honest review. TOMODACHI GUIDE is a community where guides and guests support each other.

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