What should I do if I am refused by a Support Guide?


There will be instances where a support guide has to cancel their role due to unavoidable circumstances. In the event that it happens, here are some plausible tips.

1. When the Selected Support Guide Cancels During Consultation
The candidate may deline your support guide request after hearing the itinerary of your tour. In that case, begin your search for an alternative. The easiest way is to head down to our online/offline community and start there.
Find A Support Guide in Our Community

2. When the Selected Support Guide Cancels After Confirmation
Support Guide can also refuse a request even after said request has been confirmed. Go to "Your Bookings" on your page, and simply select "Cancel Pair Guide" located next to your tour. These are common instances when a Support Guide has unavoidable/unforseen circumstances that they have to deal with (e.g. sickness, family issues). Once canceled, we advise the main guide to resume their search for an alternative. In a case of a sudden cancellation where it is difficult to find another support guide, you can start thinking of canceling the tour entirely (please note that a penalty may be imposed on the guide). Please refrain from canceling a tour as much as possible.
To cancel the tour

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