What should I do if a support guide have to leave the trip before the end of the trip?


In the case that a support guide or a main guide have to leave the trip before the end of the trip, first of all, talk with a guest, explain the situation and choose a good way for solving.

1. End the trip by the time the support guide leaves (No refund on the day)
2. End the trip by the time the support guide leaves (Refund of the guide fee on the day, the fee for spots or activities that the guest already prepaid but they cannot go on the day)
3. After the time the support guide leaves, only the main guide is accompanied and do not explain tourist information on the tourist spot such as sightseeing spots in English not to break Japanese Law
* There are no problem for Japanese Law like guests read leaflets and net information about sightseeing spots, have an everyday conversation and so on.
** When doing this, there is basically no submission to TOMODACHI GUIDE, but sometimes TOMODACHI GUIDE ask guides to submit for the evidence that guides do not break Japanese Law. So please take a picture of materials that can be proved that guides not break a law by taking photos with guests at the cafe, taking photos about the guests read leaflets in English and so on.
4. Find aother support guide
5. Cancel the trip itself (In this case, guests do not need to pay the cancellation fee if the trip is cancelled by the guide.)

* However, TOMODACHI GUIDE can not take any responsibility aboout the exchange money on the day, so even if any troubles occur on the day, TOMODACHI GUIDE cannot deal with it.

Please select from among the above methods and decide what methods is the best one together. Let's discuss how guests and guides convince each other first.

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