How do I contact my guides?


To start consultation, first guests will answer a few questions about their trip, which are essential to ensure making the best trip on the web. Based on the results, several guides will propose plans to the guests. This is called a draft plan. After several suggestions have been received, the guests will select a draft plan that they are interested in, and the consultation with the guide who created the draft plan will begin. Guests can also start it with clicking on a "Contact me" button on a guide's profile page.
We do not let guests book guides nor get draft plans immediately because we believe what makes them be satisfied most is to consult with guides to create their own original itinerary.
First, simply answer questions regarding travels, then receive the draft plans for you from guides and find your favorite plans or guides. After that, just lay your plan with guides to make your own wonderful travel.
Guides will make plans that match the request. Discuss a schedule, dates, number of people and budget again firmly and decide clearly with guests and guides. When you agree on each other, the guide will send you a trip offer. Reservation will be completed if PayPal is settled over that offer. The guide may look for support guide of the trip and invite the support guide to the message thread with the guest. Just make sure your itinerary then enjoy the trip together.

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