What should I do if a member is injured during a trip?


In case of accident or injury, it will be necessary to prepare a report. The report includes the name and contact information of the guide in charge, the name of the guest and its Japanese characters, the contact information of the guest in Japan (Name of accommodation, Address, Telephone number), the email address, the planned return date and flight information, the contact information of the guest in their country (Country / Address / Telephone number), when accident or injury occurred, where it occurred (Details of the accident site), who is involved (Name of the other people, Telephone number of them, Address), what happened, the information of the hospital (if you are doing treatment, Hospital name / Hospital's phone number / Payment situation / Presence or Absence of receipt / Bank account information in case of transfer ) are necessary and required. Please let guides know all of this information. When guides ask guests these kinds of questions, please answer correctly.
After submitting the report to Huber., Customer Support will contact both the guides and the guests. In principle, primary response to travel insurance will be informed to both the guides and the guests from Customer Support within 1 to 3 days. The insurance company will directly contact guests after Huber. submits a report. Please send the receipt received from the hospital directly to the insurance company. The insurance company will contact you afterward and will provide you additional details if needed. Even after guests return to their country, it is possible to continue contact with the insurance company.

As an emergency contact on the trip day, please contact a real-time chat at the bottom right on our website or contact guest_support@m.huber.co.jp by e-mail.

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