What should I do if there is a natural disaster during a trip?


Huber. applies travel insurance to guests as many as the decided number of guests when settled so that guests and guides can travel more safely. However, regarding natural disasters such as earthquakes, it may be out of the scope of guarantee of the travel insurance. Please also refer to the following because insurance is applied depending on the type of natural disaster.

[When not paying insurance money]
1. The Company shall not pay insurance claims against injuries caused by any of the following events (1) to (13).
(1) Intentional or serious negligence of policyholders or the insured
(2) Intention or serious negligence of the person who should receive insurance money. However, if that person is a recipient of some of the death benefits, it is only the amount that the person should receive no insurance money.
(3) Suicidal acts, criminal acts or fighting acts of the insured
(4) Accidents that occurred while the insured falls under any of the following A to C
A. While driving a car etc. without having the driving qualification stipulated by the law
B. While driving a car etc. in the state of alcoholic drinking prescribed in Article 65, Paragraph 1 of the Road Traffic Act (Law No. 105 of 1960)
C. While driving a car etc. in a condition that normal operation can not be performed due to the influence of drugs, hemp, opium, stimulant, thinner, etc.
(5) Brain disease, illness or insanity of the insured
(6) Pregnancy, childbirth, premature birth or miscarriage of the insured
(7) Surgical operation of the insured or other medical procedure. However, if the injury caused by a surgical operation or other medical procedure is due to the treatment of the injury that the company should pay the insurance money, the insurance money will be paid.
(8) Execution of punishment for the insured
(9) War, exercise of force by foreign countries, revolution, deprivation, civil war, armed rebellion or similar incident or riot
(10) Earthquake or eruption or tsunami caused by these
(11) Accident caused by radioactive, explosive or other harmful property or these characteristics with nuclear fuel material or contaminated by nuclear fuel material
(12) Accidents arising due to accidents accompanying any of the events from 9 to 11 or disorder of the order accompanying them
(13) Radiation or radioactive contamination other than 11

As an emergency contact on the trip day, please contact us via email.
Click here if you are a guest.
Click here if you are a guide.

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