How to write a review?


After the trip, a link will be sent in a guide and guest's message thread to write a review or from URL in the mail which is delivered the next day of the trip day from Huber.
The review will be displayed when all the guests, a main guide, and a supporting guide write reviews. If the review is not completed within two weeks after the trip finished, only the completed reviews will be published.
Guests and guides write each review mutually. The main guide and supporting guide have reviews from guests, guests have reviews from the main guide and supporting guide.
In the review, there are three items which are a 5-star rating, a review comment to guides or guests and a report comment to Huber.

1. 5-star rating
In the 5-star rating, you are going to evaluate guides or the guest in 5 grades.
From guests to guides, there are 5 items to review: how recommendable the guide is to other guests, how fun was your talk to the guide, how good was the suggestion from the guide, how kind and friendly the guide is, whether the guest offered a surprise. Please evaluate them respectively out of 5 stars. From guides to guests, there is simply a 5-star rating only.

2. Review comments to guides or guests
In the review comment, it is a form where you can comment freely such as what was good on the day, what was not good, what kind of thing was done and so on.
Below this form, there is an item to attach images. You can attach the memories of your trip.

3. Report comment to Huber
In the report comment to Huber, you can write content you do not want to write in review comments such as things you do not want to sell directly to the guide or guests, dissatisfaction during the trip, advice leading to the growth of Huber and more. These comments will only be used for the improvement of Huber. So please do not worry and feel free to write anything. We will not publish these comments to people visiting our website, guides and guests.

Can I edit my review?

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