How do I offer?


After a guide fills out Tour Information form, an offer button appears in Tour Information, and the guide can send an offer from the button. Then Tomo will say that you have completed offering.
*You can cancel an offer before a payment is made if needed.

If you cannot send an offer, several reasons can be considered as followings.

1. Your photo ID was not confirmed (yet)
If your photo ID was not confirmed, you either need to upload a photo ID. After uploading your photo ID, your account will be authorized within 2 or 3 days. If not, please ask customer support from the bottom right icon.

2. Your profile is not completed
If your profile information is not completed yet, you cannot send an offer. You need to edit your profile page and fill all blanks. Blanks with an asterisk (*) need to be filled.

3. Tour Information is not completed
Tour Information requires all the information such as a date, number of people, meeting time and location, guide duration, cost, and details of the meeting. Please check Tour Information again.

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