What should I do if a trip is cancelled due to weather?


In case the trip cannot be done because of bad weather, the trip will be treated according to what was decided in the event of bad weather while guests and guides plan it. Simply get in touch with guides again on the day or the day before the trip and decide what to do about the trip. In the case of canceling the trip, a cancellation fee will not be charged as the guides cancel it. So please cancel it from guide's side.

There are many trips that will be canceled because of rainy weather. If guests asked guides for alternative trips or others in the case of rainy weather, guides can re-plan to guests and provide other trips. In this case, please discuss this possibility during the preliminary consultation between guides and guests.
The definition of rain that Huber. specifies is that the precipitation probability is 80% or more. Based on this definition, Huber. will treat in case of troubles or questions of the cancellation in case of rainy weather.

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