How do I make a Draft Plan?


Creating a plan is divided into three items: itinerary, fee, information.

1. Enter your itinerary
Enter the content of the plan here. It contains a title, four attractions, a favorite place, and a plan outline. To tell your favorite places and attractions to guests, edit the plan thinking out the details.

2. Enter the price
Here, enter fees required to carry out your plan. What you need to write is only time and expense. The guide fee is calculated automatically according to the time.
For expenses, enter the necessary items from the five ones; ticket fee (such as admission one), transportation fee, tool fee (such as a bicycle for cycling), food cost for lunch and dinner, other costs. Please be careful as to whether the expenses you enter are for a group or per person. Finally, you select the item of what guests pay on the trip day.

3. Enter information
Here, enter supplemental information for the plan. Usually, you need to choose the area where your tour takes place and the category. If your plan is seasonal like "Sakura Tour" or it can only be available at a specific time like "festival tour," please enter the period you can carry out it.

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After entering the above three items, you can verify the whole contents again in the preview page and publish it. If you want to modify it, you can also return to the edit screen from the edit button. Plans judged by Huber as being inappropriate may be kept private.

Forcibly stop the release of plans

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