How to edit General Information in my profile?


To edit the profile, go to My Profile from the upper right of a page (or the upper left on mobile devices). Some contents on the profile editing page will be publicly shown on your profile page. Guests see your profile before contacting you, so it is surely a smart idea to fill up your profile page.

Full name, phone number, country of residence, and address are mandatory. If any of these is missing, you can not make a booking.

1. Full name
In profile page, only your first name will be shown. Other users will be able to see your full name when the user and you are in the same chat room.

2. Phone number
A phone number will be shown only to your guest or your guide when you have a booked trip with them. A phone number is required to prepare for a case an unusual accident happens.

3. Country of residence
Country of residence will be shown on your profile and your trip request.

4. Address
An address will not be shown publicly. It is required and will be accessed in case of emergency.

Gender, birthday, postcode, trip preferences, food preferences, and visited country are optional information.

1. Gender
Gender can be selected from "Male, Female, Other". The gender will not be shown publicly.

2. Birthday
The birthday will not be shown publicly. It will be used when Huber confirms your photo ID.

3. Zip code
Zip code will not be shown publicly.

4. Trip preferences
Trip preferences will be shown on your profile page.

5. Food preferences
Food preferences will be shown in your trip request.

6. Visited countries
Visited countries will be shown on your profile page. Countries will be filled in blue if you select a country you have visited.

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