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Area : Tokyo,Mt Fuji & Around Tokyo
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About me

Thank you for visiting my page :)

I'm Hanna.
I love Japanese things and Japanese spirit, and I'd really like to meet and share time together with people all over the world! :D
Foreign cultures and spirits are so interesting to me!

~About me~
I'm a university student in Yokohama. I'm major in chemical engineering and studying self-healing plastic now.
I'm also interested in science such as biology, space engineering, and neuroscience!

I love singing. I always sing songs of Beyonce, Jason Mraz, Meghan Trainor, Lea Michele, Bruno Mars, and Justin Timberlake.
I've been playing the piano for almost 13 years and ''soft-tennis'' for almost 8 years!
And I love to go to science museums.

My goal is to spend great time with you and share ideas :)
Let's have fun together!!

I'm a Science girl! I love big nature, singing, cats, good food..etc
Please feel free to contact me! :D

Live in : Kanagawa Prefecture JP
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We don't have words of thanks for Hanna, Yayoi and Hiromu.
We met them on our visit to Shibuya.
It was a real pleasure to accept your invitation to take a tour. They asked us which places we wanted to go and without hesitation they took us to see them, we saw things that we would haven't imagined seeing. We also ate together in a restaurant where the food was excellent.
Although they wanted to improve their English and we don't serve them much help, because we are Spanish with a level of very basic English, they gave us very good moments and we talked about many things. Thanks for this adventure!
Don't hesitate to call us if you come to Valencia. Many memories, you are incredible people ^. ^


We Try many kind of jappanese food , i am very exited about that. yeah little challenge for some food that i never try in my country. Hanna and Ai they are explained to me about how to eat differently from that food. i am happy about it. They gave me with little gifts that i never expect from them. make me touched in my heart for saying goodbye before i comeback to my country.


I never like to write a review, except if there is something bad.
But at this case, this is exceptional.
Hanna and Kai is a smart girl who really know what they did, they prepared anything almost perfect before the tour until after tour. They give me great experience in this tour.
Di museum ini ada Ashimo, Android, Banyak hal tentang angkasa luar, penjelasan tentang bencana, radiasi, uni cub (semacam kenaraan listrik), dan banyak hal menarik lainnya. Kalau ke jepang lagi, saya ingin mengunjungi tempat ini lagi dengan waktu yang lebih lama kalau memungkinkan.
Sebelum memutuskan untuk berlibur ke jepang, saya tidak ada rencana untuk mengunjungi miraikan museum di odaiba. Tetapi setelah melihat instagram teman, saya tertarik karena sepertinya banyak hal yang memang hanya ada di museum tersebut. Lalu saya berfikir untuk pergi dengan warga lokal, karena menurut saya hal itu merupakan pengalaman yang lebih. Mereka lebih tau mengenai seluk beluk tempat yang kita kunjungi sekaligus dapat menjadi penerjemah dan teman belajar sedikit bahasa jepang. Saya sangat senang sekali menemukan website ini. Karena sekaligus dapat mengenal warga lokal, dengan begitu kita dapat bertanya langsung kepada mereka tentang tempat yang kita kunjungi ataupun tentang kebudayaan jepang pada umumnya. Kita dapat bertukar fikiran, sharing tentang negara kita dan negara kita. Alangkah damainya dunia ini apabila semua negara dapat duduk berdampingan dan saling mengenal satu sama lain.


We spent a fantastic afternoon with Hanna and Saito! They are both the most gracious, kind, and fun people. They planned a wonderful afternoon and were excellent navigators and traveling companions. Hanna and Saito were both amazing with our young children - the kids were so sad when we had to say goodbye. And so were we!


Kyo is very congenial, energetic and fun. He did a great job planning the trip and giving us confidence that he was the perfect guide to show us the most popular Kamakura sites and also the inside non-tourist site including an excellent sushi home for lunch. He booked the tea ceremony and we really enjoyed ourselves. Kyo took time to explain things but didn’t overburden us with too much detail. He responded very well to questions. Kyo’s English is EXCELLENT. He lived in New Zealand for a year. We invited him to stay in our home when he travels to the USA. He was very resourceful, thinks quick on his feet when there is a need to change plans. He is very flexible. He thinks on his feet. He is extremely helpful. He thirsts for knowledge learning English and wants to learn Chinese.

Hanna is a soft-spoken chemistry genius who creates a helpful itinerary and fun and enjoyable visual aides to help you the plan for the day. She is very thoughtful and observant. Hanna is intuitively and proactively providing excellent customer service so that you are not constantly asking for assistance. She constantly had a Plan B in case Plan A doesn’t work out. Hanna speaks very good English (she lived in Portland, Oregon for a short while). She is very factually knowledgeable about the places we visited. She is quiet, but very engaging. We invited her to stay in our home when she travels to the USA.
Theresa and Rudy.

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※ You won’t be charged yet. Contact is free.