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Hotaru (Jade)
ID : Confirmed
Area : Tokyo
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About me

I know a lot about areas like Harajuku, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Shimokitazawa etc ...
The places for the Young generation and all of those fashion districts! Since I have 10 years of experience living in Japan. I'd love to show you all the great places that I know. We could also find new places with our discovery sprite. As a foreigner who is living in Japan for a really long time ,I know the best for foreigner, soI have the confidence to show you all the places you are interested in .As a guide, I promise that you're going to have an amazing time here! So lets start having fun in Japan!
Let's get the adventure in Tokyo started:)

Live in : Tokyo JP

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So great to meet the both of you. I had a great time exploring Tokyo with you. Keep in touch!


Thank you guys for the fantastic experience we had in your company. We enjoyed lots every place you showed us and shared many laughs and unforgettable moments. I strongly recomend Jade and Taiga for visiting this lovely area


It's very good memory for our family . Its our first time to Japan . Through huber we got very experienced guide Hotaru to arrange our schedule as well as tranportation .The schedule was really met our requirment . Leo also very nice and helping us to accompany two naughty kids . His photograph also keep us a lot of valuable moment . We really appreciated their guide to keep us a wonderful japan trip . And we hope see them again next time .


We had a great time with Jade and Kenta. They were very engaged with our teen and young adult kids sharing many insights of Japan with us. Arigoto 😄


Thank you for the tour, Jade & Yusuke! I had a great day with you guys at the cat cafe & around Daikanyama--places I may not have visited if you didn't take me there :) I feel like you really tailored the tour to my likes. Terrific time off the beaten path!