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ID : Confirmed
Area : Tokyo,Northern Honsyu
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About me

Hello, this is Shinichi from Tokyo. Please call me "Shin":D
Thank you for visiting my page!

I graduated from University of Arizona in 2005. I lived in U.S. for 7 years.

I'm Japanese muslim and expecting new baby this spring.

Tokyo is my home city, and It is my pleasure to share my favorite part of local Japanese life and taking photography. I love taking Photographs, hiking and finding nice cafe.
Please feel free to ask me anything:D

In my tour I will take many good pictures of you for your memories traveling in Japan. I hope we can share the special moment of your trip.

I traveled over 20 countries around the world(European countries, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Israel, and Patagonia).

Soon, we will meet in Japan!
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Live in : Kanagawa JP

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Trip Preferences

  • #connect with locals
  • #photo mania
  • #foodies

My Hobbies

  • OutdoorsOutdoors
  • Photo spotsPhoto spots
  • CultureCulture
  • Satisfaction with itinerary
  • Enjoyableness of conversation
  • Friendliness
  • Memorable surprises

What a fantastic time we had !!! Even before the trip started, Shungo diligently communicated with me via email answering my numerous questions patiently . He went above and beyond the call of duty by giving me info on even exact trains I should take , and train timings as well as even looking into booking other activities for me that were not even part of the itinerary with him. The entire trip was like going out with friends - never for a minute was there a boring pause in our conversation . And to TOP it all , he personally cooked a fantastic meal for us to eat in the car because he knew we would not have time otherwise to complete all we wanted to see and do that day . Vvv hardworking and dedicated young man - the nicest and sweetest guide we have had .


I chose to do a personalized bike tour since it was a bright sunny warm day to see the sights of Tokyo. Tokoro and Yusuke covered a lot of ground in a brief time. It was so organized!
- imperial palace
- parliament (Japanese congress)
- lunch! Yummm Japanese pasta
- ginza
- shibuya
- ended at harajuku!

At some locations, we stopped just long enough to photograph the sights and do a little shopping. At other locations, we just rode through while Tokoro explained insights about the area, its history, and Japanese culture in general. it was great to get to know both Tokoro and Yusuke! We now know where to go to shop and further learn about Japanese history. Use this tour to orient yourself on the first day of your Tokyo visit, and you will come away with a full agenda of places to explore on your own later! Arigatou!!! :) Pam and Eve!


Yesterday we had a incredible experience with this two people that know I can said frinds, they take us places that we cant discover by our selves and help us to close, try diffirent things, and explain the Japanese culture please keep this project we are so glad that you chose to us


Thank you very much guys! We really enjoy your company in our first day in Tokyo. It was a nice walk and we hope this project continue, because it is a nice way to introduce foreign people to this wonderfull city.


Thank you for the second day of touring with you guys! It was really nice to visit around ueno park! I liked the way you planned our day because it was relaxed but well organized! You helped us a lot to try japanaese food and you had a lot of patience while.explaning it to us. I will recommend anyone to hang around with you two!!!!!