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About me

Hello, I'm nodoka .please call me non :)
I'm university student in Osaka.
I lived in Miyazaki for 18 years, now I lived in Osaka 4years, and I love Kyoto .

So please call me anything about Kyoto and Osaka.
I love taking pictures and I like overseas travel and talk with people from various country. Let's talk with me :))

[my favorite place and experience ]

Gion street

[ my favorite food ]
Ramen ( Japanese noodles)
ice cream Macha chocolate
Thai food .. everything|_|

[my visited country ]

USA ,Canada , UK, Franch, China , Taiwan ,Thailand, Cambodia, Korean

I want to make friend all over the world and talk with you '
Hello! I'm a camera woman.
Leave it to me about pic spots around Osaka and Kyoto!!!

Live in : Osaka JP
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Thank you for the other day, My family and I really enjoy the short trip! See you soon!

lucia sri
lucia sri

hi, Nodoka n Maki, you are the best, you choose the best points for us, thank you. Both of you are very patient, helpful dan made it enjoyable to visit 3 best points in Kyoto for elders (54-65 years old). thank you very much.


My friend and I traveled to Osaka and Kyoto to celebrate my 21st birthday and this trip was nothing short of amazing. Thank you so much MITCHY and NO for playing a part in making this important trip so precious and memorable for me.
We couldn't have gotten around Kyoto and see the best sights without them. We thought that having local guides show us around would be a unique experience but our main concern before booking any tour is food as we need halal food. We were so glad that MITCHY and NO were very understanding about this and dined together with us at a halal restaurant in Gion. It may seem trivial but it means a lot to us :)

We visited Arashiyama, Gion and Fushimi Inari Shrine, donned in kimono. NO is a very good photographer who you can count on to capture the best moments while you enjoy the trip and MITCHY is very good at leading us and taking us to the best spots. We exchanged cultures with them, joked around and were overall very satisfied with this tour. Perhaps the only regret is that we only got to spend one day with them. I wish we could've spent more time together :')

We will definitely book a tour with them again when we go there the next time so please don't hesitate to book a tour with them also as I promise it will make your trip a special one!


Got to thank Michi and No for the great Kyoto experience. We informed them of our interest and they came up with a tour to fit our needs. They also took into consideration our dietary needs (thank you!!!) throughout the tour.

They shared their knowledge of Kyoto and its beautiful aspects with patience and kindness. They brought us to try the kimonos and took amazing photos for us (thank you again!!!). Lovely people to be around.

So don't visit Kyoto without them!


Awesome guides! We might have sabotaged their plans a bit because the group is heavy on trying out different food/stalls/flavors. Although we kept adjusting Michitaro, Nodoka, and Ayano's schedule they were very accommodating none the less and rolled with our schedule. They did not push their schedule/agenda but made sure that we knew that they had a schedule. They were great at entertaining rowdy foreigners as well even killing time by teaching a few of us how to fold origami cranes. I highly recommend them if you need a tour. Awesome English so communicating with them and answering questions were spot on. Photos that Nodoka took that day showed up a few hours on our end so that was a bonus! Loved our trip and our guides! Made new friends as well as learned a few things here and there. Hope to visit again soon!

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