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ID : Confirmed
Area : Tokyo
Language :
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About me

Hello , I'm Yusuke.
I'm 20years old.
and I'm a University students,sophomore.
I've been to the UK twice.
Fisrt : Studying abroad for 3 weeks.
Second :School trip for a week.

I like Cats and Outdoor activities.
I can take you various places in Japan and take many photos for a mementos
I want to share the trip with you.

Feel free to push 'contact me!''and make plans with me.

Let's make the enjoynable and memorable trips!

Let's enjoy trips in Tokyo with me and make good memories!

Live in : Chiba Prefecture JP

Countries I've Been To

Trip Preferences

  • #connect with locals
  • #flexibility
  • #photo mania
  • #money saver
  • #packed schedule
  • #foodies

My Hobbies

  • Tourist HotspotsTourist Hotspots
  • OutdoorsOutdoors
  • Food and DrinkFood and Drink
  • Satisfaction with itinerary
  • Enjoyableness of conversation
  • Friendliness
  • Memorable surprises

we are all very satisfied with our friendly guide Emiko and Yusuke, all our journey worth remembering.


we are all very satisfied with our friendly guide Yusuke and Emiko, all our journey worth remembering.


This all guide very nice. And all my fam very enjoy..
If i go to japan again i want u guide again.
Thx for u trip


This the best guide...
And help me if ..
Very friendly i hope if i come at jpn .. u must guide me again ;)


Verry good guide and help me take my bag at airport natita.
My boy very like at this guide.
I hope can go to japan again