Tomomi (Timo)


Guide Area: Hiroshima & Western Honshu, Mt Fuji & Around Tokyo, Kyushu, Kyoto, Tokyo, Kansai
Language: English, Japanese

Hi, I'm Tomomi who live in Beppu(south part of Japan). Please call me Timo.

I love Onsen(hot spring). I'm a hot spring master;)
Have you heard about "BEPPU" ?? Beppu is very famous for Onsen in Japan.
I live there and I often drop by Onsen and take a break and refresh. I love to communicate with local people including seniors, kids. We naturally start a conversation and smiling at each other:) I would love to show you our town to you.

I love to travel and communicate with foreigners because I am interested in learning something new. Also, I like taking pictures. If I guide you as a Tomodachi Guide, I'll take lots of pictures for you. :))

That's always in my head. I love to explore and experience new things with nice friends.

Why don't we make the most of your trip together?:D

---- [From my bucket list] ----
One of my dreams is to travel around all over the world!
Hope we can meet in Japan and then meet again in your country;)


Have a wonderful time in Japan!
Hope I can travel with you and enjoy cultural exchange :)
I will show you the part of Japan which you don't know and you might be interested in!

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Where should I begin. I can't describe in words how an amazing time I spent with Tomomi and Ryuhei, you guys are awesome and also so fun to be!
The hidden onsen at the very top of the mountain, the spa foot at the very shore of the port, and the incredible surprise of sharing a steam meal with onsen masters, I couldn't ask for more.
As I agreed, renting a car for this experience was the best way to enjoy it and I can say that Tomomi and Ryuhei are friends and will be for a long time. They know how to make this experience unique.
I can totally recommend anytime this experience. If you're up to get involve into onsen, even if you're a beginner onsen guy or an advanced onsen guy, this experience is for you. Beppu will surprise you, and Tomomi and Ryuhei too!
Next time I'll be back for this and more!


As a hotspring lover Beppu sounded like a dream to me.
Thanks to Timo and Junya the dream came true! Even when the weather wasnt the best we saw great places, enjoyed beautiful onsen (kimochi~) and enjoyable conversations. At the end we had a great time at dinner where another friend of Timo joined us. Subarashi!


Timo is so wonderful! She is very patient and friendly. Her warm welcome made us feel safe in Japan. She recommended good plaves to visit. She also managed to helped me to do some surprised birthday celebration for my husband. We will definately call her again to visit different part of Japan. Arigato Timo! You are fantastic! 🤗


What can I say my second huber experience with Tomomi abd Hana are one of my best experiences here in Japan for my second Japan trip for the Hiroshima Trip. I cant express well enough their accomodation to me they were very considerate and very thoughtful. Aishteru Guys!!! Matane!


My family had a wonderful time with Timo and Mami. I loved that they even had a personalized welcome sign and artfully rendered itinerary.

They were both very helpful and adjusted to our family's requirements especially since it was raining that day and we had to change our itinerary.

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