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Tomomi (Timo)
ID : Confirmed
Area : Kyushu,Okinawa & the Southwest Islands,Hiroshima & Western Honshu
Language :
  • EN
  • JA

About me

Hi, Im Tomomi who live in Beppu(south part of Japan) and often go to Hiroshima.
You can call me TIMO.

I love Onsen(hotspring). I'm a hot spring master;)
Have you heard about "BEPPU" ?? Beppu is very famous for Onsen in Japan.
I live there and I often drop by Onsen and take a break and refresh. I love to communicate with local people including seniors, kids. We naturally start a conversation and smiling each other:) I would love to show you our town to you.

I love to travel and communicate with foreigners because I am interested in learning something new. Also, I like taking pictures. If I guide you as a TOMODACHI GUIDE, I'll take lots of pictures for you like a paparazzi. :))

  Thats always in my head. I love to explore and experience new things with nice friends.

---- [My favorite local spots in Beppu] ----
1. HAJIME-ZUSHI (sushi)
I would love to introduce a wonderful and cool sushi chef there.
We can enjoy talking at Sushi counter.
2. HEBIN-YU (Hidden Nature Hot spting)
Only locals know it! In the forest, we can take the hot spring with listing the birds singing and trees rustling.
3. MUSHI-YU (steam bath)
Onsen (hot spring) is not just taking bath, but there are sand bath, mad bath and steam bath. Steam bath is my favorite one. The herbal scent makes us relax.

Why don't we make the most of your trip together?:D

---- [From my bucket list] ----
One of my dream is to travel around all over the world!
Hope we can meet in Japan and then meet again in your country;)


Have a wonderful time in Japan!
Hope I can travel with you and enjoy cultural exchange :)
I will show you the part of Japan which you don't know and you might be interested in!


Selamat datang ke Jepang!! I'm a friendly girl who speaks English and just start to learning Indonesian :)

Live in : Oita JP

Countries I've Been To

Trip Preferences

  • #connect with locals
  • #hidden gems
  • #thrill seeker
  • #ride & drive
  • #avoid the crowds
  • #foodies
  • #flexibility
  • #photo mania

My Hobbies

  • OutdoorsOutdoors
  • ExperiencesExperiences
  • OnsenOnsen
  • Satisfaction with itinerary
  • Enjoyableness of conversation
  • Friendliness
  • Memorable surprises

Timo and Yuki both were very friendly and helpful guides, travelling with 2 todller were not easy hahaha but they helped us as much as they can, thank you so much. and Timo gave my children shimajiro trumpet, my daughter is a big fan of shimajiro. so she was very happy with that present, thank you!!!


Timo and Akiko were so kind and thoughtful. When I told Timo that I would be going with my mother, she really made a careful plan so we didn’t have to walk too much so my mother wouldn’t get tired. We really enjoyed the time we had, Timo was an excellent photographer and Akiko was helping us with her recommendation of the good food that we should try in Japan. Meeting them was short but it felt like we’ve been friends for long. Thank you Timo and Akiko, next time we’ll be visiting Beppu <3


I have written a review earlier but I thought I should write another one to say that it’s been money well-spent. Just regret that the time with the guides was too short. Wish I had more time. Timo is the best! 👍🏻


We are so grateful to both our guides for bringing us around that day. Masatoshi is knowledgeable about the local customs and Timo is bubbly and always positive. We are also thankful Timo is flexible with our ever-changing plans. We swop plans and only finalized everything the last hour. She searched good car rental deals and took us to many of the sights which suited our taste. It was time and money well-spent indeed. I will definitely recommend this service to other of my friends who'd like to meet locals and be shown around the local sites.


What can I say about Tomomi (Timo) and Haruka? First of all both of them went above and beyond when it came to our tour. I was able to catch an earlier train from Lake Biwako which ended up me reaching Beppu 2 hours earlier than expected. Timo and Haruka were both able to make changes to meet us earlier than planned.

After this tour I went from Skeptical about Beppu (since many Americans describe it as a tourist trap) to falling in love with it. I believe this is due to tourist only seeing what they see in google and instragram and not actually seeing those hidden gems that only locals know about.

My wife and I both enjoyed the many activities that we spent time with Timo and Haruka. They both are great representations of what a great tomodachi guide can be,

Thanks to both of you. I hope to see you soon again