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ID : Confirmed
Area : Tokyo,Mt Fuji & Around Tokyo
Language :
  • EN
  • JA

About me

Hello, I'm Yayoi Endo.
I'm university student in Tokyo.
My major is intercultural communication so I think it contributes to my guide.
I had been to the UK for 5month to study English and trip to 7 Europe countries during study abroad!
Also I had been to Canada to study English too. I'm really interested in speaking English!
I like taking photos so I can keep your awesome memories during tour in them! Feel free to ask me anytime:)

Live in : Tokyo JP
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Trip Preferences

  • #connect with locals
  • #hidden gems
  • #archetypical japan
  • #flexibility
  • #photo mania
  • #have a sweet tooth
  • #foodies

My Hobbies

  • Photo spotsPhoto spots
  • NatureNature
  • CultureCulture
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  • Satisfaction with itinerary
  • Enjoyableness of conversation
  • Friendliness
  • Memorable surprises

Really good day wirh guides. Seeing old shrine and old house is really special


Yayoi and Akihiro are professional and always full of passion. We have very nice experience in Tokyo by meeting modern and triditional.
What a wonderful journey with Yayoi and Akihiro.


Thank you for the day. We enjoyed met you and spend this great time!


We don't have words of thanks for Hanna, Yayoi and Hiromu.
We met them on our visit to Shibuya.
It was a real pleasure to accept your invitation to take a tour. They asked us which places we wanted to go and without hesitation they took us to see them, we saw things that we would haven't imagined seeing. We also ate together in a restaurant where the food was excellent.
Although they wanted to improve their English and we don't serve them much help, because we are Spanish with a level of very basic English, they gave us very good moments and we talked about many things. Thanks for this adventure!
Don't hesitate to call us if you come to Valencia. Many memories, you are incredible people ^. ^


I definitely had a good experience with Yayoi, Takumi, and Akane. As a solo traveler who often goes long stretches without speaking much to people, it was good to have someone to talk to. All of the guides had very strong English and due to many engaging conversations, I was able to get some insight into Japanese culture, and learn some things that I otherwise would not have. The places they took me were also great to see and it would not have been the same experience had I found it on my own. I would recommend this group to travelers of all kinds!

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※ You won’t be charged yet. Contact is free.