Guide Area: Kyushu
Language: English, Japanese

Connect Beppu to the world.
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  • Satisfaction with itinerary

  • Enjoyableness of conversation

  • Friendliness

  • Memorable surprises


Thanks for the interesting tour and conversation. The itinerary was just what we wanted


Haruka was an fantastic guide. We had a great day in Beppu. For guiding in Beppu is she the best choice. Thanks again and we hope we see you again.


Haruka and Takeshi were amazing. They were very easy to communicate with and we were able to collaborate to create the perfect itinerary. We had a large group of 18 and they were able to command our attention and engage with everyone in our group. They made our trip to Hakata very special. I will definitely contact them the next time I'm in the area. Thanks again.


It was my 4th trip with Tomodachi guide of HUBER company.
In this trip, I understood why Hokkaido called Hokkaido.
The meaning of Hokkaido is "North Ocean Island".
Haruka-san and Suguru-san guided me like friend.
Haruka-san was professional Tomodachi guide,
And Suguru-san was real local guide for me.
Hokkaido is so huge, some tourist can spend so long time to moving.
Without Tomodachi guide, Maybe I spent long time to search and moving area.
But my Tomodachi guide already made our plan to reduce our moving time.
They guided to me the best spot to feel real Hokkaido in winter.
we visited Cape Shakotan, Cape Ogon, Nishin goten.
There were only so few tourist, So we enjoyed huge, amazing, unbelievable, real Nature!!!
How could I do without my Tomodach guide?
We arrived at our point across the heavy snow. Tomodach guide made new way for me!!!
I was so impressed by Tomodach guide, Haruka-san and Suguru-san.
And we enjoyed our lunch in real local restaurant.
Everything with Tomodach guide was really awesome to me.
Thank you so much Haruka-san and Suguru-san.
I can't forget this trip forever!!!
I suggest Tomodachi guide to you.
With Tomodach guide, you can feel real local nature and food, everything.
Please make your tour outline on HUBER site with locals FIRST!!!
You can have awesome experience like me.
Thank you Tomodach guide, Thank you HUBER company!!!


It was my 3rd trip with Tomodach guide of the HUBER company.
I wanted to visit Hokkaido prefecture in this winter by myself with local guide.
I always wish my trip is must different from other's samey trip by Travel agent company.
So I tried to find Tomodach guide in Hokkaido Too.
On HUBER website, I could find easily my personal local guide .
Haruka-san and Erica-san solved all of my questions about my trip.
They really guided about my time schedule, visiting area, hotel, etc.
So, we went to so many fantastic place in Hokkaido.
In winter, Hokkaido is really snow empire!!!
My thinking and soul was changed to white by the white snow in Hokkaido!!!
We enjoyed real dog sled, had lunch in amazing local restaurant.
We visited 7 star trees, Ken & Mary's tree, blue pond.
There were only few people except us, So I really enjoyed my trip.
It was possible with my Tomodach guide, Haruka-san and Erica-san.
Above all, I am so thank you to Haruka-san.
She speak in english very well. So I have no problem with her.
And Erica-san knew all of our way to visit best spot, best time.
Thank you so much Haruka-san, Erica-san, HUBER company.
If you want to make your own experience in Hokkaido,
You must be with Tomodach guide.
Without Tomodach guide, It will be so hard to...
First of all, Please find your local guide on HUBER site!!!

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