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ID : Confirmed
Area : Kyoto,Kansai
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About me

Hello! My name is Shinya Hiraoka.
I know a lot of Kyoto local Place.
Because I was born in Kyoto and I have lived Kyoto 23 years.

I especially like cycling in Kyoto!!
I ride bicycle everyday around Kyoto.
I can take you local beautiful place with cycling tour.

I also like temple and garden in Kyoto.
I can introduce hidden Japanese beautiful garden called "Murinan"!!

Nice to meet you!!

I'm a guide in Kyoto and Osaka, I especially like cycling tour!!
I was traveling all around the world and I have been to more than 30 elementary schools in each countries.
My travel theme is to study education in each country because in the future, I want to be a great teacher.
I was teaching Japanese language and cultures in each local school 6 months in total.
I can play the ocarina. I can show you some Japanese songs for example, Totoro!!

I want to make friend all around the world and talk with you!

Live in : Kyoto Prefecture JP
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  • Satisfaction with itinerary
  • Enjoyableness of conversation
  • Friendliness
  • Memorable surprises

My family of 8 enjoyed our 1 day Kyoto tour with Shinya & Makoto.
We are grateful that they came all the way to Osaka to meet us in the early morning and take us to Kyoto.
We had great conversations from the start to the end and even our kids like them and misses them! :))
They have seen to our needs and tried their best to bring us to the places we wanted to visit.
Thanks to their patience too as they waited patiently for my family to "doll"up as we wanted to wear kimono to take some family pictures and eventually walk the streets in our kimonos and that was an awesome experience for my family. Thanks to our photographer, Makoto as he took many nice & beautiful pictures for my family.
I would highly recommend Shinya-san & Makoto-san as tomodachi guides if you're looking for someone who is sincere, dedicated, hospitable, friendly and they are able to show you Kyoto in its unique ways!
Kudos to Shinya & Makoto and I look forward to seeing them again in the near future :))


Thank you for your support. I'm really Happy to meet Shinya & Yuito. They was very nice & kindly to support me. I will always remeber them forever.


Shinya and Kaisei are a fantastic team. They toured us around Nara, showed us a few important, not to miss, hot spots and a few off the beaten path. Lunch was superb. They made us feel like family.

Thank you again,

Isaac and John


We had a really excellent time with Shinya and Anna. Shinya was energetic and friendly, and created an excellent itinerary based on our interests (went to a beautiful garden and then to Nishiki Market). Both Shinya and Anna were very kind and keen to answer all of our questions about Japan and Japanese culture. It is always nice to navigate parts of Japan with locals and get a more in depth view of the every day life. Would definitely use Huber again and strongly recommend Shinya and Anna!


It was amazing to meet such friendly locals and make new friends! They do speak english very well and maybe someday they can learn spanish and come to Mexico ( where I am from) so I can be the guide.

Best regards amigos!!

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※ You won’t be charged yet. Contact is free.