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ID : Confirmed
Area : Tokyo,Mt Fuji & Around Tokyo
Language :
  • EN
  • JA

About me

Thank you very much for coming to my page! My name is Saito Miyauchi. Nice to meet you!
I'd be very happy to give you memory by "Omotenashi" mind.
Please feel free to contact me!

[Introduction of myself]
I'm 22 years old.
I'm a student of a University in Tokyo.
I have been to several countries. India, Qatar, Greece, the UK, France, the UAE, Turk, Egypt, Iran and so on. I also want to befriend with people from other countries!
I'm a member of Boy-Scout.
I belong to A cappella club and Walking/sightseeing club.
My hobby is Sado(Japanese tea ceremony), Kendo(Japanese swordsmanship), and climbing mountains.

[My favorites]
Buying clothes
Visiting stylish places

I would like to make many friends("Tomodachi" in Japanese) in Huber activity.
I'm really looking forward to seeing you!
I am a master of Japanese culture especially in SADO(Japanese Tea Ceremony) event.
I confidently know many beautiful scenery spots.
I like drinking, delicious foods, clothes, outdoor spots, spa.

Live in : Tokyo JP

Countries I've Been To

Trip Preferences

  • #walk a lot
  • #flexibility
  • #photo mania
  • #have a sweet tooth
  • #foodies

My Hobbies

  • Tourist HotspotsTourist Hotspots
  • OutdoorsOutdoors
  • Food and DrinkFood and Drink
  • Satisfaction with itinerary
  • Enjoyableness of conversation
  • Friendliness
  • Memorable surprises

Verry good guide and help me take my bag at airport natita.
My boy very like at this guide.
I hope can go to japan again


Thank you Saito and Ai for the great times we had. Hope we can meet again someday.


Thanks ! Both were extremely kind :D


The tour the other day was one of the best experiences we have had in Japan. Having locals with us for a period of our trip was something that immediately elevated our experience, and having these four great personalities with us made it even better.
Not only did they tour the area with us, but they also shared a little piece of japanese culture with us as we were touring.
We can not thank you enough, we had a greag day, and we wish to see you all again on our next trip to Japan!


We spent a fantastic afternoon with Hanna and Saito! They are both the most gracious, kind, and fun people. They planned a wonderful afternoon and were excellent navigators and traveling companions. Hanna and Saito were both amazing with our young children - the kids were so sad when we had to say goodbye. And so were we!