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About me

Hi, guys! I'm Nana. Thank you for visiting my page :)

I like to go out to find scenery places around Tokyo and visit Kamakura,also Narita erea.
I rarely stay at home on weekends ;) That's why I know lots of wonderful places!
I love to meet foreign people because touching new cultures is very interesting. So I wanna do the Tomodachi-guide and wanna share the happiness we would feel during the tour!!

Let me introduce myself a little(^^)

I'm 19 years old.
Second grade in university
I'm in to studying French now!!!

I belonged to a Japanese tea ceremony club during high school! The experience was so precious. We can feel our senses and concentrate on what in frond of us...

I also did classical ballet for 16 years.
I love dancing ballet and its music.

Any how,
I'm sooo looking forward to have many exciting activities with you! o(^^)o

Thank you!

If you have any questions, just tap "contact me" and feel freely text me! ;)

Alors,,, See you on tour! Bon voyage !
Let's visit scenery shrine spot & have Japanese style food! I love traditional cultures and walk around scenery spot very much.

Live in : Chiba Prefecture JP
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Trip Preferences

  • #connect with locals
  • #photo mania
  • #archetypical japan
  • #walk a lot
  • #have a sweet tooth
  • #foodies

My Hobbies

  • Food and DrinkFood and Drink
  • TraditionTradition
  • CultureCulture
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We had a nice and social time with Nana and Yusuke. They shaparoned us around Harayuku, Shibuya and a visit to Yebisu beer. Specially interesting was that they took us up to a sky scraper to view Shibuya crossing from a different viewpoint than the normal ones.


Thanks ! Both were extremely kind :D


I had so much fun with Nana and Hiromu during our stay in Tokyo! They had me and my family on our very first day in Tokyo and showed me around town. I traveled with my grandmother and 7 year-old brother so we walked quite slow but Nana and Hiromu was so patient, very friendly and informative so it felt like they were part of our family! Even though they live so far from my hotel in Tokyo Bay, they came all the way to pick us up in Shin Urayasu station and taught us how to commute using Tokyo's train system who is very complicated and quite confusing to foreigners. Not only that, Nana also very helpful because she helped me a lot in the other days; she helped me with coin laundry, how to get here and there with train and bus, recommend places even helped me to booked our Limousin bus to Narita airport! Not only that, me and my sister also had a super fun dinner with Hiromu and Nana and I'm happy because now I have new friends in Tokyo! I hope I can visit Tokyo and see them again~


Nana and Kaito did a wonderful job of introducing me to some of the best okonomiyaki I have eaten. They did a great job of making Tokyo seem like my 2nd home.

First, they picked me up and dropped me off at my hotel.
That was a tremendous help since navigating the streets of Tokyo by myself seems like a mission impossible.

Second, being jet-lagged and exhausted, I forgot my wallet in my hotel room and didn't realize it until we had placed our orders in the restaurant. Nana and Kaito arranged for a round trip taxi ride, which would have been very difficult for me to do on my own. I eventually retrieved my wallet and also got to eat the okonomiyaki. Success!


You guided us well through Shibuya and told us historical facts and explained about traditions. You also recomended us good places to eat and joined us for lunch. Thank you very much for your company. All of you spoke english quite well too. Kiitos!

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※ You won’t be charged yet. Contact is free.