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With modern technologies, travelers can find information on about every popular sightseeing spot and activity. Still, handy information that can't easily be digested into short articles remains hard to come by without knowing somebody on location.

Problems Often Faced by Travelers

  • Well... Can only speak...
    Language barriers
  • AAMOF, we expected more...
    Gaps between the advertised location and the real thing
  • Are we still in Tokyo now?
    Tricky transportation systems
  • Can we take a picture of that... Oh! Sorry about that.
    Unfamiliar cultures and manners

On top of all that, it can be particularly frustrating when your journey is coming to an end and you still haven't managed to fully enjoy your trip.

We Have Also Had Similar Disappointments:
Here's Our Solution

Have you ever regretted not being able to discuss and plan your trip with a local? We've been in your shoes too, and that's why we created a service to facilitate meeting such a person: Huber Tomodachi Guide

we are THE reliable one!

So wouldn't it be a relief to have Tomodachi on location you could rely on? Someone who could help you turn your pre-travel apprehensions into anticipation by coming up with clear-cut plans for your still vague projects?

Local Tomodachi will provide you with ideas for a great experience, free of anxiety. Say goodbye to the chores and responsibilities of troublesome planning, and hello to fun discussions and smooth co-planning to make your dream trip a reality.

Why Choose Huber Tomodachi Guide

By discussing and planning your trip together, you will get to know your Tomodachi Guide and already have a friend on location. Plus, having Tomodachi right from the start will ensure that many more encounters await you on your travels.

Tomodachi Guide Will Take You There.

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