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Uni-Student Kit:
Booze and Cup-Noodle

Mt Fuji & Around Tokyo

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Tomolog By ...


Taiga & Ryohei



Best Meal in China Town

We met up in front of Yokohama St. and went to Yokohama china town. There were delicious fried soup dumplings! We enjoyed there really well and spent time on it as the China town is really huge.


Take a Walk in The Beach

We passed through the China Town to reach Yamashita Park. The guests got excited by the port city view, which they saw in an anime! We felt like we were in the anime world as we walked aroun the port!


Make Very Own Cup Noodles

We went to cup noddle mesuem and made our own original cup noodle! We were so excited as we could also choose flavors and ingrediends you want! They said "we will bring it and eat it in our country!"


Went to The Izakaya Only Locals Know

I wanted to let Josch have his favorite food, a boiled egg in Oden (Japanese stew)! So we went to the Red Lantern Izakaya for dinner! Here, Noge tavern district is visited only by locals basically.



Meet up at Yokohama St.


Walk and eat in China Town


Hang out in Yamashita Park


Visit Cup Noddle Museum


Have dinner at Red Lantern Izakaya in Noge


See you again

Number of people: 2 (couples)
Total Cost:
JPY 29,500
Duration: 8.0hours

Trip Highlight

TaigaRyoheiGlenn Josch

We shared the Soy Macha Latte in a cafe next to Yamashita Park.It was my frist time to try Soy Macha Latte as well,I had never felt something this delicious. We definitely started becoming friends since that moment.

Glenn Josch

Glenn Josch


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