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Feel the Flower
Power Under Mt. Fuji

Mt Fuji & Around Tokyo

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Kiwako & Akane



Let's Go to Mt. Fuji by Bus

We began our journey from Shinjuku St. and got on the bus bound for Kawaguchiko Lake from Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal located in the city center.


Look at The Waterfall Made of Flowers

We got on the local bus from Kawaguchiko St. and went to the Herb Festival by Kawaguchiko Lake. That was just amazing especially "Flower Niagara Falls" made of a Begonia.


Ice Cream at The Herb Festival

In the Herb Festival, there were not only flowers but many stalls. We ate many Japanese local food like Japanese style fried chicken and ice cream and bought some herb goods.


First Time Hot Spring Experience

Getting a hot spring (Onsen) is the must activity at the closing part of the travel! This has many kinds of hot springs and you can see Mt. Fuji in it if it's a good weather.



Meet up at Shinjuku St.


Arrive at Kawaguchiko St.


Enjoy Herb Festival


Enjoy Kawaguchiko Onsen


Take a bus to Shinjuku Sta.


See you again

Number of people: 3 (family)
Total Cost:
JPY 50,100
Duration: 9.5hours

Trip Highlight

KiwakoAkaneHardy gunawan

Luckily, we found a lavender flavored ice cream at a stall in Lake Kawaguchi herb Festival. The daughter really loved ice cream like she could eat ice cream everyday, so she was really excited by a lavender flavored ice cream you can only eat here.

Hardy gunawan

Hardy gunawan


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