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Not Just Onsen,
Culture in Beppu


    Tomolog By ...

    Tomomi (Timo)Kazuhide

    Tomomi (Timo) & Kazuhide



    Sneak into Beppu Market

    We went to Beppu Market, the kitchen of Beppu citizen! We checked local vegetables and side dishes at Beppu Market and also eat around.


    Japanese Calligraphy Experience

    We experienced Japanese culture! Guests were interested in Japanese because they studied Japanese. The tools for the calligraphy have meaning respectively and we learned the pleasure of writing.


    Go to Secret Onsen Only Locals Know

    Speaking of Beppu, it is hot springs after all! We went to a local hot spring where the locals go. They learned about the manner and entered after we greeted with people in Beppu.


    Commemorative Photo at The End

    When I realized, it was already dark outside. Lastly, I handed surprise gifts to a guest whose birthday was the day of the trip. I couldn't believe that we had to say goodbye!



    Visit Beppu Market


    Meet up at Beppu St.


    Exoerience Japanese calligraphy


    Get in local Onsen


    See you again at Beppu St.

    Number of people: 2 (friends)
    Total Cost:
    JPY 19,900
    Duration: 4.0hours

    Trip Highlight

    Tomomi (Timo)KazuhideClarissa

    It was a wonderful time that the calligraphy experience made us quietly relaxed like yoga meditation. It was impressive that she said "the calligraphy is the feeling not writing letters but carried by the brush naturally. It was really good that we could have a valuable experience of enjoying the caligraphy after considering the meaning of letter formation and the meaning of letters. We enjoyed both stasis and dynamics like we also were crazy at Beppu market, but we were focused on the calligraphy.




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