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Best View of Mt.Fuji
& 5-Story Pagoda

Mt Fuji & Around Tokyo

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KEN - History & CultureKazusa

KEN - History & Culture & Kazusa



Mt. Fuji and Five-Story Pagoda

From the monument to the faithful who died in battle in the park near Mt. Fuji, we looked at Mt. Fuji. We prepared for taking a great photo of Mt. Fuji with five-story pagoda, and we made it!


Satisfied with the Local Cuisine

We had the local food, Hoto noodle for lunch. We all had it for the first time and were very surprised by its quantity and many kinds. All of us promised that we will eat it again together!


Take a Memorable Photo around Mt. Fuji

We took many photos around Kawaguchiko Lake. We waited the sun showed through the cloud to take photos. We had fun together lively doing photoshoots.


Night Scape of Tokyo is the Best

We were moved by the night view of the metropolis when we came back to Tokyo. It is completely different from Hakone. The contrast between those cities is one of the interesting points.



Meet up at a hotel


Go to Chureitou


Have Hoto noodle for lunch


Do photoshoot around Kawaguchiko Lake


Head to a theme park in Tokyo

Number of people: 3 (family)
Total Cost:
JPY 15,000
Duration: 9.0hours

Trip Highlight

KEN - History & CultureKazusaMaychelin

We visited a monument to the faithful who died in battle where Mt. Fuji and a five-story pagoda are seen clearly. At the moment a sun ray shined, we took the best photo. I felt really happy as the guests was pleased and it was the most impressive moment to me.




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