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Explore Hokkaido's
Nature with Climbing

Sapporo & Hokkaido

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Yui & Kenji



Reached The Top of Mt. Tarumae, First

We planned to hike two mountains. When we got the top of Mt. Tarumae which it took just 50 mins to, even though it was dreadfully windy, we enjoyed not only the scenery but the wind and laughed a lot.


Stunning View from Mt. Fuppushi

This is the view from top of the Mt. Fuppushi with the sun shining near Lake Shikotsu. While having lunch, Mt.Yotei, Mt.Shiribetsu, and Pacific Ocean appeared as if they were rewards for our hike.


Finally, Conquered Two Mountains

It was a beautiful day, and we really enjoyed the hike. It took us 7 hours to hike! However, once we caught the scenery from the top of the mountain, our tiredness blew away!


Journey to The Foot with Photo Taking

On a way back to a foot of the mountains, we took photos of us trying to pose the same. Not everyone is perfect in this photo, but it became a memorable moment to conclude the day.



Meet up at Sapporo St.


Start hiking Mt. Tarumae and Mt. Fuppushi


Back to Sapporo


See you again

Number of people: 2 (couples)
Total Cost:
JPY 42,500
Duration: 12.0hours

Trip Highlight


On a windy day, Mt. Fuppusshi showed us the breathtaking landscape with autumn leaves in yellow, red, and some remaining green. We enjoyed talking about our cultures and hobbies while hiking. A guest told me that she plays an interesting sport called "Roller Derby". We were glad to know something we never even heard before.




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