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Enjoy Nature Utmost
in Zao

Northern Honsyu

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Shungo & Shohei



Give a Try to The Temple on a Mountain

The wonderful day started at Yamadera which is famous in Tohoku. We had to climb up 1015 steps to see all its buildings, so we had "Chikara Konjac" to get energy. The guests become fond of it.


The Stunning View from The Summit

This photo was taken around the top of the mountain. We had a splendid view of autumn leaves and snow! The guests seem interested in the traditions of the temple.


Heal Fatigue by Local Exquisite Cuisine

We had Imoni-lunch in IZUMIYA restaurant after climbing. "Imoni", soy sauce-based soup with taro , is a local food in Tohoku. It healed our tired body.


Shall we become "Snow Monster"?

We arrived in Zao mountain through the road covered by snow. We went up to the top by Zao-ropeway. It was freezing there but we got so excited by much snow! We even dived into it!



Meet up and rent a car at Sendai St.


Visit Yamadera Temple




Visit Zao


See you again

Number of people: 2 (friends)
Total Cost:
JPY 42,500
Duration: 9.0hours

Trip Highlight

ShungoShoheiYi An

On the way to Yamadera Temple with a car, there is a tunnel. As we come out of it, the snow view suddenly appears and it is completely different from the one before the tunnel. The guests were so excited at the moment and it is impressive to me.

Yi An

Yi An


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